Michael Switzer | 2016 GW Lacrosse Teams
2016 Team photos for the GWHS Patriots Lacrosse teams. Photographed at Trace Fork Fields, Charleston, WV.
2016-5x7-GWHS LAX-varsity2016-5x7-GWHS LAX-JV2016-8x10-GWHS LAXM53A9369-GW LAXM53A9380-GW LAX-finalM53A9380-GW LAX_1M53A9388-GW LAX-finalM53A9388-GW LAX_1M53A9394-GW LAXM53A9396-GW LAXM53A9398-GW LAXM53A9400-GW LAXM53A9403-GW LAXM53A9407-GW LAXM53A9410-GW LAXM53A9413-GW LAXM53A9415-GW LAXM53A9418-GW LAXM53A9420-GW LAXM53A9424-GW LAX
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